What does your Email address say!

New agents entering the real estate market should consider the email address used for business.  Some people may have an email name which says totally personal playfulness instead of their name etc.  Of course, some new agents may have an identity associated with the email name which will also work for them in their new career, like “runwithbob@yahoo.com”.  BUT if your name is something like “sexyat40@gmail.com” not business like at all.  New agents fitting this situation should create a new email address to use for business.

Also, be careful about only using the company email assigned to you.  This is great for association at the company, but make sure you operate through your controlled email address unless there is an advantage to remaining under the company only email address.  When you move from one company to another without your contacts knowing how to contact you personally, then you could lose future business that has not been assigned to the company yet BUT are actually your contacts.